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Commado is anonymous digital asset that is integrated with obfuscation protocol on the TOR network . This OBFS8 is a public key that hides all messages content protocol information for Commado users. All transactions are sent through the TOR network with hidden identity using multi signature this makes the transaction untraceable.
Commado is providing first crypto exchange and trading app with artificial intelligence to crypto traders at large known as Commado-X this will mark a tremendous turning point in the history of crypto trading. Our Trading BoT as designed by a team of over 80 Programmers is poised at transforming the crypto industry. Commado-X will be the best cryptocurrency app of all time.


Coin Name


Ticker Symbol


Emission Rate

One Time Emission (Not Mineable)

Maximum Supply

3,000,000 CMD


500,000 CMD


500,000 CMD

Main Sale

2,000,000 CMD

Soft Cap


Hard Cap


Pre-ICO Start Date

13th March 2018

Pre-ICO End Date

20th March 2018

Main Sale Start Date

21th March 2018

Main Sale End Date

20th April 2018

Commado-X Alpha Version 1.0.2

Commado-X is a seamless cryptocurrency trading application with artificial intelligence, algorithmically exceptional and mathematically efficient. Commado-X is the first cryptocurrency trading app with artificial intelligence with social function accessible to crypto traders, over 80 programers have contributed to the very success of this app which has taken Six Months to get to its current state. With 98% trading accuracy CommadoX has been passing series of testing and corrections till it is fully certified. This robot when activated can only execute 5 different trade at maximum with equal capital at will in accordance with your command (for more insight refer to user guide before use). CommadoX moves 1.5x ahead of Moving Average Convergence Divergence(MACD) on any time frame, 1.7× speed ahead of Relative Strength Index (RSI), 1.65× speed ahead Accelerator Decelerator Oscillator (ADO),1.58x ahead Exponential Moving Average (EMA), 1.92× ahead bollinger bands, 1.49× speed ahead Stochastic Strenght Index,100% FIB accuracy, 100% support and resistant level spotting accuracy,10x speed entry and exit, 50x search optimisation. Commado-X subscription is stipulated on subscription page



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Decentralized Exchange with Artificial Intelligence



Q2 2017      

Commado-X Alpha Version, Blockchain Consultation, Research and Development

Q4 2017      

Commado-X Alpha Version Trade Robot Integration, Testing
and Correction

Q1 2018

Commado-X Android App on Playstore      
Pre-sale and Initial Coin Offering

Q2 2018

Sales Completion and Listing on 2 Major Exchanges

Q3 2018

Commado Exchange Window Version/Android Beta Version and CMD Hard Fork (CMDX)

Q1 2019

TOR Wallet Launch